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Hormonal Therapy

Benefits of Hormonal replacement in Women:

The Human Body does not function properly without adequate hormonal levels. A decline in Hormonal function can be measured and even felt up to 10 years before a diagnosis is made. Our focus and approach is to replace what you have lost.  

Relief of hot flashes (vasomotor symptoms), reduce risk of Coronary Artery Disease, Improve vaginal dryness and libido, relief of Depression, Cognitive Clarity, Improve Memory and Concentration, and prevent Osteoporosis have been reported effects from the treatment of Menopausal symptoms.

Weight Loss

The latest statistic reveals that over 75% (Three out of every Four of us) are overweight or obese. Being overweight increases your risk of Diseases, including Arthritis and Heart Disease. Weight loss will improve your risk and outcome of weight related disease. 

Low Energy

Most problems of low energy and fatigue point to low Thyroid Function. Typical testing methods miss Thyroid Dysfunction about 90% of the time. Thyroid therapy is designed to treat your thyroid disease.

Low Libido

In Both Men and Women, Sex Hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen begin to decline around the age of 35 years old. This can significantly affect ones desire and ability to have full and health life.

Post-Partum Depression

At the time of Delivery when the placenta is removed from the Intrauterine Cavity, Women experience a massive loss of Hormones . This major loss coupled with life’s increasing demand makes it easier to trigger Depression in most people.

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