Men's Health

Men's Health

Hormonal replacement

Low energy

Weight Loss

Low Libido

Benefits of Hormonal replacement

Improve Libido and Erection, -Reduce risk of Cardiovascular disease, -reduce risk of Prostate Cancer, -Improve Sleep Disturbance, -Improve Weight Loss

Low Energy

Most problems of low energy and fatigue point to low Thyroid Function. Typical testing methods miss Thyroid Dysfunction about 90% of the time. Optimizing Thyroid function has been shown to improve energy, mood, and Quality of Life.

Weight Loss

The latest stastitic reveals that over 75% - Three of every Four pf us- are overweight or obese. Being overweight increases you risk of Disease, including Arthritis and Heart Disease. Improving Hormone balance aids in weight loss and ongoing management.

Low Libido

In Both Men and Women, sex Hormones, like testosterone and Estrogen begin to decline around the age of 35 year old. This can significantly affect ones desire and ability to have intercourse. Replacing your lost hormonal levels can essentially reawaken your sex life.

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